Alright, the poll results are in! 39 people responded to the poll. Out of that, 10 different scales were mentioned, ranging from 1/144 (Micro Machines) to 1/1 (boy weren't you three clever? Technically, it's valid, :p ).

Of course, 1:64 came out on top with 38 votes, but that was predictable. What about everything else? Well, 1/43 is in second place with 19, and 1/18 is in 3rd with 18. 1/24 had 13 votes. A lot of people seemed to focused on either one or two scales, myself included. Which is a-ok. :).

Note, if someone chose n/a twice, I counted it twice.

Today's graph was brought to you by the letter 'e'. E for edu-petrolhead.


Did anything surprise you guys with these results?