Poll Results: Top 4 places you look for hawls

Here are the results from Wednesday’s poll. We had 19 people respond.


The answers were varied all across the board, some people gave specific stores while others gave the type of store. To simplify, I organized some of it like this:

Retail - Walmart, Kmart, etc

Convenience Store - Dollar Store, etc

Online Community - Lald, etc.

If you said something like Walmart and Kmart, two retail stores, it counted as two votes instead of one. If you said flea market twice, it counted as two votes as well.

Edu-petrolhead makes graphs and dances with Wolves.


In this graph edu-petrolhead just wanted to show off his awesome math skills.


So guys, you now know where you can find hawls. Look at the original post to view the specific stores if you're curious. Happy hunting!

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