Big things with little cars

[JL = Johnny Lightning] Alright boys and girls, I know I haven’t done this in some time, but recent events demanded I pull this concept out of retirement. Recently it came to my attention that JL will be making its cars from its preexisting pool of molds. That means only one thing, what do we want to see?!

So I need your top 5 most desired JL castings, from any of JLs three eras (Topper Toys era, Playing Mantis era, even the RC2 era). The idea is this, what are your top 5 castings you want JL to make more than anything? Perhaps something you missed while growing up, or that one casting you could never find but really wanted.


What? You don’t know JLs catalog? How dare you think I’d leave you unprepared! ;) is an excellent source of information on most, if not all, JL castings. Also, sorry I gave you a reason to not work today, :p.

The poll will end in 48 hours, at 8am EST. edu-petrolhead, if you’re there, this is an awesome chance to make more graphs, :).

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