Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Poor luck with HW

So, I haven’t found a single good cast since May for hot wheels. There are some hardcore collectors invading Columbus OH. N cases are coming out and already the shelves are bare. It’s not like the stores are even skimping on cases, one Walmart near me had 5 M cases out, and I was able to 1 huyra.

If anyone finds some extra skylines, surf 510s, repus, or McLaren’s F1s, I’ll be sure to take them off your hands. Rather give someone here a good trade or PayPal than eBay.


I have found a chase Mopar and a white lightning gone fishing car so I guess it balanced out. Still, I’d rather have more good mainlines.

Happy hunting! Hope I’m not spreading the misfortune.

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Turtle for your time.

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