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Porsche 910

Sorry for the lighting. I’m still fiddling with my new light.

I sprayed a little transparent blue on the tail and man am I happy with the fade now.


This was a color test. I wanted to see if my transparent colors would work well if mixed.

I originally wanted this Porsche to be white, but I dig it like this.


Not a real fan of the yellow windows. They kind of work with this color.


The interior wasn’t anything special. I kept it black and tan for a bit of contrast.


Here’s my new setup. The light is fantastic. The problem is my potato. It makes all the pictures look the same. I can change the brightness and color temperature. None of that matters if my phone automatically makes everything look dull and orangy.


Oh well. I’ll figure it out eventually. (Buy a camera dummy)

Thanks for checkin out my stuff

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