Yes, I associate the Porsche 911 with Michael Bolton, but in a good way.

See, there’s a scene in Office Space where the coincidentally-named character Michael Bolton is asked if he has ever thought about changing his name. His reply: “Why should I? He’s the one who sucks.”

After 9/11, I have to believe that someone in Stuttgart might have sent a memo around saying “Well, you know, there’s a negative association now...” and someone else probably said “Why should we change it? Our 911 isn’t the one that sucks.”

And that brings me to today’s LALD holiday.

The Eurospeed car was one of my earliest should-have-bought-it regrets, so I was thrilled when I found it again at the very same Target after a surprise restock. The Magnus Walker tried to follow me home a few times, but finally managed when I found this poor specimen lying in a Wally World dump bin. (Hard to see here but the card is a wreck. I actually felt a little sorry for it.) The green one was an impulse buy at Target, and the Modern Classics one was via a fellow LALDer.


I never thought about this car much even as a car guy, but it’s growing on me. I kind of get the appeal. When that Rauh Welt car comes out, I will have one. I will.