The Porsche RS Spyder was one of most successful prototypes of this century.

The early 2000’s were some of the quieter years in Porsche’s extensive racing history. Porsche had pulled out of top-class endurance racing and focused its efforts on customer GT programs. That changed in 2005 when the Stuggart manufacturer unveiled the RS Spyder. The RS Spyder was designed for the LMP2 class and like Porsche’s GT offerings, it proved immensely popular with customer privateer teams. Today the RS Spyder’s legacy lives in the 918, which uses a V8 derived from the RS Spyder’s.

The biggest of these teams to use the RS Spyder was Penske Racing. Penske has been in and out of sports car racing over its six-decade history, and their time with the little Porsche might possibly be their finest hour. The now iconic yellow and red RS Spyders dominated the American Le Mans history for years, taking wins at every major race and frequently outraced the LMP1 Audi R10s. While the RS Spyder was no match for LMP1 machinery in Europe, the nimble little prototype was perfectly suited for the narrow, windy tracks across the states. Penske would dominate the series in its three years of competition from 2006 to 2008. Even into 2010, the agieng car would remain competitive on both sides of the pond.


This is a 1/43 model from Minichamps. It depicts the car in its pre-facelift 2006 configuration. The #6 car, driven by Sascha Maassen and Lucas Luhr, would win three times and easily take the LMP2 championship for drivers and teams. The model is beautifully cast and replicates the somewhat chunky car faithfully. While Minichamps does a bulk of its business with F1 cars, their sports cars are their best racers.