Big things with little cars

Porsche Series 993 GT2 Outlaw

After carrying around this little guy for the last few months everywhere I went, it began to look a little beat up. To start, the red on the wheels almost immediately wore off, and some of the “sponsors” were showing signs of wear too. I broke out my trusty silver sharpie and got to work.


I’ve always loved the covered headlights in different forms of racing, so I colored over the headlights to give that effect.

The wheels received a new finish that suited the car (no wheel swap... Yet...)


I also put some time into going over certain aspects of the matte finish with the sharpie to give a gloss look. Pieces include the rear spoiler, flares, and the front bumper.


For anyone unfamiliar with Porsche “Outlaws,” they are Porsches that appear clean on the outside, but have tasteful modifications that would lead people to assume it was done in this better way from the factory using only OEM parts. This is my first Outlaw and next I'm thinking either a 959 or 917K.

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