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*Possible* First Reveal of the October K-Day Batmobile E-Sheet

My local Kmart is not participating in the upcoming K-Day on October 20th, and it looks like they opened their cases early as well. I went in for my usual lunchtime peg hunt and found 2 of these E-Sheets and an instruction sheet for employees/managers on K-Day operations. From what I can tell, this E-Sheet hasn’t been seen online yet. So I guess this is an LaLD exclusive!

“never been seen before by the public”

The E-Sheet of course depicts the mail-in car, a pretty slick Batmobile. If anyone wants an E-Sheet, I’d gladly trade for any Lesley-era Matchbox car in bad shape. I’ve been wanting to do a restoration for a while.

I also picked up a pair of cars, a 1968 Cougar with some racing graphics (part of the K-Day releases) and a run of the mill 934 Turbo RSR.

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