Lately I’ve been having a lot of issues with random episodes of vertigo, starting with the first (and worst) one happening while giving a presentation at work. That resulted in me being removed from the office via stretcher and transported by EMS to the local ER. They continue at random, but none have been nearly as bad as that first one. So far we’ve only been able to determine that’s it’s being caused by the build up of fluid in my eustachian tube in my inner ear. What’s causing that though is still a mystery. So in an search for more answers, they had me go in for an MRI yesterday. I won’t know the results until Tuesday when I go in for the follow up with my ENT. I’ll keep you all posted on that as I find out more information.

Moving on to how this is all diecast related, lol. The place where I went for the MRI yesterday was in the next city over, and there happened to be a Walmart right across the street. I’ve been searching high and low for the new HW F7 Off-Road Dodge Charger, MBX Skyline GT-X, and the MBX Volvo wagon with no luck so far. I figured since I was in that part of town, I’d give their Walmart a shot. They didn’t have any new Hot Wheels mainline stuff and what they did have was just older fantasy casts. The Matchbox pegs however were full to the brim with freshly stocked goodness:

Oh, and notice those two Gran Turismo Retro Entertainment cars there? Yeah, that’s where my PSA comes in. I don’t know if this is across all Walmarts or just this one, but I found these two guys hanging out in the clearance section on this peg:


Surely that can’t be right? The brand new GT RE series already on clearance?! And for $1.50?!?! That didn’t make any sense to me. So I took them to the electronics counter a few aisles down had the nice lady there scan them. Sure enough, them come up $1.50!!!! HOLY COW!!!! Even though I already have both of these, I had to snatch them up just for the price. The Corvette is definitely going up for trade. The Nissan might be up for trade depending on what you offer me. I have been thinking of redoing the color on one of these though to match my favorite TL version. But definitely go check your local Walmart’s clearance section to see if this is just a one off or not. Hopefully you’ll get lucky and find these guys for a third of the original price! Happy hunting!