Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

My first hunting trip since was a last minute decision. I needed to go to Home Depot and after much internal debate (lol) I chose to go to the one next door to the indoor/outdoor flea depository. I spent a total of one dollar.

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The best was finding a Tomica 911S, front & center. She threw in the white repli-mica for free. Anyone need parts? The doors still work.
A no name Dome Zero, a no name Indy type racer, HWs Cougar trade-bait in paint I’d never seen before, and the mbx Toyota.
From now on these little excursions have to be reduced out of necessity, so it was good to find an excuse to go visit. I’m really looking forward to the larger summer flea market dates at the Stormville airport as my next field trip.
You know, unless I need something at the depot...

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