So Edu is coming up with a custom livery for his newly acquired VW Drag Bus and wants to use his favorite beer; the Delirium Tremens. I am lucky enough to personally vouch for this's amazing.

Anyways, here's what I was thinking would look sweet!

Used that black band, the number 89 since the beer was started in 1989, the blue/white two-tone as on the bottle, and a couple other little touches. I'm not sure how Edu made the original 'Delirium Racing' logo, but it was perfect...just use that haha, also the same for the numbers if you can.

Check it out!

Fun fact, delirium tremens is also a medical term given when a person starts going through severe alcohol withdrawals; the person can start having hallucinations and pink elephants are a common image. Probably why this beer is so amazing.