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Potential Porsche (and others) deal

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So I see that some of you took advantage of that Replicarz deal I posted a few days back. Well, I hope your credit cards are ready for the next potential deal. I stress the word potential, as this deal involves European dollars (I think they call them Euros? Churros?), and of course shipping from Europe. and are both running sales on various Schuco models, but the intent of this post focuses on the P-cars. Specifically on the Cayman GT4 and 991 911 models, all of which are on sale for €99 each, or about $106. Since I’ve ordered from Modelissimo many times before, that’s who I went with. I think their listed price includes the VAT as my cars were actually €84 ($90) in the shopping cart. I would assume it would be the same with CK-M, but YMMV.  

$90 is by far the best deal I’ve seen on these particular Schuco Porsches, but that deal is tempered by the shipping cost (€25 for CK-M, €29 for Modelissimo). With shipping included, a great deal becomes a so-so deal unless you buy multiple models, as the shipping is flat rate. But maybe you’ll find something else to catch your eye. I know I did.



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