Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Just curious to know what methods are being used for paint removal.

I have been using a citrus-based paint remover, which has been fine, except a little slow to take effect. As it is a thick goop, getting in the right spots and the underside of the casting has been a bit tough. It works best overnight. Toothpicks usually clean up the hard to reach spots well enough.


Tonight I used a sprayable paint stripper, with diecast bodies dunked in a glass jar. The paint stripper had all sorts of skulls and warnings of death on it. It kinda scared me off, as it seemed worse for skin/eyes/lungs/brain/general health than acetone, turpentine, or even xylene. I cleaned up and promptly hid it in the back of the paint cabinet. I probably will not use it again.

Just curious what other preferred methods there are?

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