I’m curious...when you find an older piece that has obviously been played with, at what point is it Customs Fodder?
It is with older Tomicas that I’m having the Preserve-Restore-Customize conundrum. Not these particular Tomicas, but I’ll use them as examples:

Both of these are flea market finds, therefore, very inexpensive, so, not the greatest examples. The Chevy Truck has been played with, it has chips, but no huge bare spots in the paint. The NSX has lots more chips, plus some creative marker additions by the previous owner/play-wither. The windows may have to be tinted very dark to overcome the marker’s marks.

I’m sure that there are collector/customizers who don’t really think about it too much. If it’s something they want to make a custom from, they go for it.

There are those who would take my Chevy Truck and leave it as is (after removing that price tag on the hood...), preserving it as a survivor, or whatever. In the past, I might have picked it up just for the rubber tires, taken it apart, and regretted this action later, as almost happened with a Speed Machines McLaren.

The NSX needs a refresh of some sort. T’were it yours, would you customize it, or try to restore it? Where do you, personally, draw the line on a quandary such as I have presented?
Inquiring minds want to know.