Pretty Pair: McLaren F1

Ever since I got my wonderful Kyosho Tokyo Ueno Clinic (which, turns out, is a plastic surgery clinic specializing in mens appendages) McLaren F1 GT-R, I’ve been wanting to put it next to the Hot Wheels version, and last weekend I finally did. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a pretty pair on LaLD, so let’s take a look:

The results are mostly predictable, with the HW version being a little more exagerated than the Kyosho. Wheels are of course way too big, it’s a but higher, while the length is about the same. But overall not too bad!


From the front, the HW looks a bit fat and sleepy thanks to the headlight tampos, but, again, not a bad job!

This is where the differences are easiest to spot. But both are excellent rear ends to look at.


Of course one costs a lot more than the other, and that quality shows. I still love them both!


Because racecar!! Whoo!!

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