Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

This one just hit me this moment... new Retro Entertainment series option for Hot Wheels to build, from the 1980s. They have done BTTF, Karate Kid, A-Team, Knight Rider, Ghostbusters, and a bunch more...

What they haven't yet done: "Better Off Dead" Lane Meyers' 67 Camaro SS

(68 casting, such as the body casting of the 68 COPO Camaro will work in a pinch, other REs have been less accurate to their actual screen cars)


Black with a red interior, silver bumpers, grille trim, and rain rail trim over the windows... maybe wing windows cast as part of the windows, and something as close to Chevy Rally wheels as Real Riders can get... although if it were built... they'd probably use 5-spoke Cragar style wheels or something. Too bad the Cool Classics slotted mags aren't real riders with rubber tires.

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"Which is worse? Speaking no english, or only speaking Howard Cosell?"

"Gee, I am really sorry that your mom blew up, Ricky."


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