Ok I have primered 99% of the cars about to be painted, except the s-10 grill

Seriously though, I have t been able to dissect it yet. The headlights consist of two pieces attached to the grill, and it won’t separate unless I use force. I’m hesitate to.

I’ve thought about giving the s-10 a lift, but with my current technical know-how, I can’t. It’ll require a thin file to be inserted in the hole, and evenly filed down. But I did remove the dumb skull, so that’s good.


Besides, the previous flames ruined it. It doesn’t look half bad when it seems the truck had rims and was lowered.

I’m going for a hot rod look for this guy I believe, so the ridiculous rims stay.


Still figuring out the paint job on this one too. Side profile looks good though!


The front. It looks weird without the grill, lol.