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Pristine Silhouettes

EDIT: ONE SKYLINE LEFT AS WELL AS THE CORVETTE. As some of you may have seen my post on IG, I came across a few fresh boxes of F&F and Silhouette cars in the home improvement/paint section at Wallys. Not sure if they were misplaced or ‘hidden’ as they were mixed in with other boxes of toys on the pallet. Odd to say the least, but a huge score for us. I know some of you are having a hard time finding some of these models or just want a carded spare so you can DLM the other. So really my main intent here is to pass on to you at LaLD pricing + shipping. I’m not interested in keeping any of these so let me know if you are.

As you can see from the photo, GBW75-956C is the F&F set...somebody over ordered!! FPY86-956J is the set of Silhouettes...only one box!


I took most of the boxes back to the toys and loaded the pegs. I only grabbed two of the RWBs so the next collector could enjoy finding one on the pegs. Well, at least I can wish for a collector and not an eBay’er. Didn’t take home any of the MBX Working Rigs, though. Not interested in the recent release as I was the first two releases.

Here’s the HAWL available for LaLD peeps. The extra Skyline was actually from a find at Target a few days prior. I kick myself now for not grabbing the Monza. Shoot me an email if interested: mcsmith472 at the Gmailzzz

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