I now have 2 Outlaws ready for paint prep. They will need a little more sanding with finer paper, and a shot with some steel wool, then it’s primer baths for all!
The second 356 was totally different from the first, obviously from different mold sets. The rear parting line was almost not there, so it was very easy to eliminate. The one on the nose was just as bad as the first car, but it was the sides that gave me the most trouble on this one. I’m also getting the hang of the rear corner, well, corners. They are like little rounded boxes just above the tail lights, but I’m learning. I’m not going to go back and redo the corners on the first one, I want to see a progression when the first ones are completed.
This one is going to need some filler, just like the first one. Where #1 had the divot in the roof, #2 looks like the front right fender was munched on by some kind of marine worms. Must have been a mold that wasn’t cleaned properly between Outlaws and had some crap still floating around in there ahead of the alloy being poured, or injected. You can see it pretty clearly in the last photo. Oh well, good thing I’m learning on this one.
So, for number two, I wanted to do something different, so I decided to take the louvers/vents off the rear deck. (I’m going to try and go just a little further with each one, trying something new, or doing something differently than the previous attempts.)
I carefully taped off every detail around them and slowly went to work with a half round needle file and some 220 grit paper. And if they were gone, I might as well lose the ones on the side windows too. A little sand paper, also the 220 grit, and a brush of some future floor was and they are starting to look like they never had vents at all. I have to do them over because I touched the window insert before it was dry, and I also got some dust on it.
So, the photos:


Now, where’s that #3?