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So I’ve recently been on a ‘hoodless’ kick, and thought I’d try it out with a couple of cars.

First car I chose was a Datsun 240z.


I ever so carefully drilled around the perimeter of the hood with one of the smallest bits I had. I then worked my way up in size until the hood was just barely hanging on.

After filing down the burrs on the edges, I pillaged a v10 motor from the “Honda Racer” and trimmed it to fit. I also had to cut down parts of the interior and windshield to get the engine to sit where I wanted it. That’s pretty much where I sit with this car, it needs to be painted and put back together. For wheels I’m going to be putting some real riders from a BMW 2002 on there. Hopefully it turns out ok.


The next car I selected was an Evo X. When I took this one out of the package I realized it was damaged, sad face. After drilling it apart and stripping the paint, I marked what area of the hood I wanted to be taken off. The Evo was far more difficult than the 240z, as I didn’t really have any reference of where I should and shouldn’t take out.


This is what I ended up with. I also had to trim interior bits on this one. It was also interesting to make room in the bay because the headlights are connected to the glass.


And end result. I have a lot less definitive plan with the Evo than I do with the 240z. All I know is that it’s going to have some nice dark blue paint. I don’t know what I’ll use for the engine. Suggestions welcome. :p

Keep calm and diecast on!

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