Photo: LeMonstre

So in just four short hours, a practically brand new model was in pieces, and as far as I can tell, there’s no turning back now. Tear downs are always the easiest, but I have to admit with some de-bonder and patience, it just about came apart flawless, save for a headlight cover that got contaminated.

So far, the majority of tools have come from Harbor Freight, and suprisingly work very well for the price. As for my building/deconstruction, I found Hobby Lobby has a brilliant selection of stuff, including Tamiya! They’re not exactly my first pick to go, but I have to admit, AC Moore or Michaels can’t compare, plus it’s less then 5 minutes away.

I highly recommend getting the needle file set, it’s all of $3.00, and their file surface isn’t aggressive, so the finish is decent for just a fine grit clean up. The small screwdriver set is a must, not just for removal of the screws, but work really well prying away bonded surfaces.

The de-bonder is a no brainer, but I can’t stress how powerful this is, paint curls up instantly, plastic melts, and fades glass, so use sparingly, and be patient while it does its thing.


This spare tire will be relocated to it’s 1967 LeMans/Reims location, which at first I thought would be a problem, but it was flattened a bit from its previous location, and should slide in just fine with a little modification.



Another upgrade I’m going to attempt is a true Aluminium “trunk” that was mandated by the FIA, along with the spare tire. I picked this up for about $4.00, so we’ll see how hard it’ll be to bend up. The original trunk is chrome, thick, and broken, so this will make a nice upgrade

These are the main thing I’ll be focusing on for now, so with a little luck, things should run smoothly. In my next post, I’ll be talking about the significance of chassis P1031/1047, and why I’m using this particular model car.