For those that has been here for a while, you may remember the 3 car guys who started restoring a Ford Ranchero and ended up opening a garage.

This is the 2nd display shelf in my curio that got a makeover and now the 3 car guys are back with new cars to tinker. For the newbies, the 3 car guys are named Matthew, Theodore and Boxster which when combined becomes Matchthebox Garage.

For the JDM fans, I’ve included the Datsun 510 by M2 and Toyota Land Cruiser by Motormax. Of course I mixed in a German VW and American Mustang car as well.

Ken, an employee is about to check on a classic Datsun 510
Theodore looks underneath and explains the problem to his employee


Matthew needed a break with a cold drink while Boxster inspects the red Mustang



I found this black Datsun while checking on an out of town Walmart and was happy to have found one.

If you are curious on the makeover of the other shelf, check out Japan theme diorama.