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Project GT40 Pt.2

Back with another update on the ongoing GT40 project.

A quick sum-up for those who haven’t heard about this, I started a little makeover project on this off-brand Ford GT40 that I received from a HWEP.


The goal is to replicate something called the Ford X-1 which was a lightweight experimental car based on a 1965 GT40 by McLaren. So far, the project isn’t going as smoothly as I hoped. With the body of the car already broken into several pieces due to very low quality metal used making the car as brittle as a ceramic bowl, the time was mostly spent on mending the pieces together.

With the Ford GT40 jigsaw puzzle back in one piece,work can continue on the front nose. The Ford X-1 had a flat, less curvy front nose like the earliest Ford GT40 prototypes. So it’s time break out the file and smooth out the front nose.


Progress is going well... Until this...


The entire front nose snapped off from the post connecting it to the base.


With clearer view under the light, it almost seems like they’ve added sand to the metal during manufacturing. On the bright side, I now have more room to work on getting an interior installed.


That’s all for now, next step will be to add interior and engine. Oh yeah, and another game of jigsaw. Cheers.

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