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Project GT40 Pt.3

The GT40 to X-1 custom continues.

The off-brand GT40 still fighting me every step of the way with the rear rivet post also snapped just like the front.

No matter, at least the the left rear quarter panel only cracked off once and after I glued it back together, I roughed up the body surface to be ready for paint. Instead of going for the white body with black hood scheme, I want to go for all black, as if it was in very early stage of development.

Look at how many pieces the body had already broken into

Meanwhile, with the front clip that broke off last time, a dashboard has been sourced but before I can fit it, I have to fit the customized windshield.

The X-1 is a speedster with a smaller windshield and so I reused the original glass that was on the car, cut the top part off and file down the rest.

Borrowing the 190E’s black hood to show the windshield better

The front clip has little tabs molded underneath to hold the windshield in the right position. After that the dashboard goes in.


Since the body already decided on it’s own to separate from the base, it’s an ideal time to fit a motor in. Couldn’t find a motor that features 8 velocity stacks like on the Cobra engine but keep in mind the X-1 served as a test bed for different engines and transmissions, so it can be anything.


Took awhile to file down the engine to make it fit into the base and clear the body but it fit perfect with the body back in a lick of paint and glued together for the 8th time.


That’ll wrap up the build for now, next part will be adding some aero bits and details. Cheers.

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