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Project GT40 Pt.4

The project is on the homestretch, the X-1 gets its unique aero styling.

Errr??? What is this???

Another experiment exercised on the X-1 to help develop Ford’s next race car after the GT40, the Ford J Car. It got long fins stuck on the sides of the nose and big spoiler on the back unlike the more subtle little curved lip on the production GT40s.


To make these aero components, I simply cut them from a used up gift card and glue them on. It was a bit tricky to glue them since the pieces are so small and the card is thinner than traditional gift cards.

After the glue set, time to add some details. The 2 fuel caps to the original fuel tanks along with the third fuel cap for the extra fuel tank mounted at the front were colored. Tailights and low mounted headlights (the only front headlights on the X-1) and some exhaust pipes rounds off the remaining details and this project is considered done!


It’s time to haul it onto the trailer and to the racetrack.


That’s it for this part. Cheers.

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