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Project Realism: Bburago 1934 Bugatti Type 59

I started a 1:18 project! I got jealous of all you people, well, Pillarless Coupe, El_Uly, and R32Rennsport, messing with 1:18s, so here is my hat that I’m throwing into the ring.

It’s not as cool as finally giving a poor Ferrari a heart, or building an amazing replica of one of his cars for a famed Porsche 356 magician, or giving a regular Ferrari F40 a gorgeous new coat, or turning a bland Ferrari into a rally legend, but I decided I needed to throw some realism on this racing legend.


So my goal is to take this Bugatti apart and pretend I’m James May while putting it all back together. In the process of doing that, I’ll repaint and detail and weather where necessary to breath some realism in to each part where I can, and make some tasteful modifications where necessary: for now on the books are a fender delete and black wheels. I’ll probably try to add some realistic touches to the engine as well, like spark plug leads and other plumbing that is missing.

And I only broke one piece while taking the car apart!


This will be a long term thing, as I’ll do a few pieces at a time where I can in between 1:64 projects, but hopefully it will look great in the end.

Now let’s just hope I took enough photos during disassembly to put it all back together! :D


Oh, and here is my progress so far: I’ve weathered and detailed the body. I’ll probably add some engine soot in strategic places, but it’s almost there.


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