So we’re back with our 3 car people Matt, Theodore and Boxster as they continue with the project. So after the hitch was finished it’s time to install it. However Theodore wasn’t satisfied with the plain look of the base.

So a bit of detailing and viola.

The installation was finally done.


Let’s not forget the bumper. Here Matt put the finishing touch using tin and a chevy decal.

Boxster did his part and gotten brand new white wall tires.


Opps, let’s not forget the trailer. It was a metal kit and was simple to assemble but the kit has issues as the screw on both sides will not go all the way thru so had to use washer to tighten the tandem axle. However the screw and washer stick out as eye sore.


So a little bit of black spray paint did the trick.

Another mission accomplished by Matt, Theodore and Boxster.