This was a quick and dirty custom, in every sense of the word. But I knew there was no way in heaven or hell that any company would make this. So I had to.

The starter car: A Maisto Pro-Rodz 1970 Chevy Nova.

First, the quick part. This is my first 1:64 Maisto, and I was delighted to discover that they are held together by screws.

But let’s back up a second. I already got lucky with this one in that a yellow Nova in this generation was pretty much exactly the car I needed. Well, I needed a ‘74, but Wikipedia said they’re essentially the identical. So I didn’t have to repaint, but I did have to get inside all the same.


The tampos would have to go. I was very fortunate this wasn’t one of those clear-coated premium jobs with the tampos underneath. Time for my trusty old pal the dry-erase marker.

Now, you’re probably wondering what car I’m trying to make. Well, here’s a clue.


Yeah, it’s Jules’ Chevy Nova from Pulp Fiction. Gosh, I’m disturbed.


Took a little license with this part. The blood doesn’t show up terribly well through the rear windshield, so I thought a bit of judicious dripping would help lead the eye. Still, for about 20 minutes, I have another iconic movie car that not even Greenlight would attempt.

And right on time, here’s Winston Wolf in his NSX to save the day.