Big things with little cars

When I decided to embark on Project: Screentime, I knew that a few of my favorite screen cars would either be too expensive or simply unavailable. Well, today I sat down and made one for myself.

This would be the first time I ever drilled out a car, so guess who’s got a cameo in today’s post?

Mama Mia! What’a you do to me?!

It’s Agnello Sacrificale! Rather than get a tap, I simply used some self-tapping screws which worked a treat. In this case, I didn’t drill the smaller holes deep enough, but that’s hardly the point. I learned for when it matters more.

The victim is this red offroaders WRX STi. It was not cheap, but it was the closest I could get to the real car.

Oh, what’s the real car, you ask?


So crank up the scene (and the tunes that go with it) and follow along.

Baby Driver Opening Scene


Drilling it out took a while, but the real hard work came with the tampos. Those buggers simply would not come off. Acetone-heavy nail polish remover did nothing. Yet, somehow, a red dry-erase took it all off... with a LOT of work.

Also, the movie car has black 10-spokes, so while the casting’s wheels are the right shape, they’re the wrong color. Enter the black dry-erase, and MORE scrubbing.


Pity, this is a pretty good Mattel in-joke:


Really, I didn’t have to drill it out, except that the movie car has a black interior, so the white one (which is a weird color for a dirt rally) had to go.

So this part... this part went... okay.


That’s the trim at its worst. I was able to clean it up with an X-Acto knife. It still looks a little off, particularly up on the roof rail, but only if you really leer at it.

Then, somehow, I managed to do the fascia without messing it all up.


That’s flat black enamel in the grille and oil cooler, gloss black paint pen and silver paint pen for the headlights, then silver paint pen and blue paint pen for the Subaru logo.

Now on to the tail:


First I did a silver base coat, then masked to get an even line and did the red top section.


Worked out OK if I do say so myself.

And now, at last, the Baby Driver Subie takes its place in the collection.


Yeah, it’s a little sloppy, and the wing is all wrong, and it doesn’t have the black sunroof that you see in the chopper sequence, but I’m happy with it. I think it captures the colors and the menace of the original. And I got the whole thing done in the same time as the Baby Driver soundtrack.

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