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Project: Screentime - First Post

The reason I initially fell off the wagon was that I stumbled upon the Bluesmobile, seen in one of my earlier posts (link below).

That gave me an idea for a somewhat ambitious build. Well, after accumulating a good deal more metal in a bit of a fugue state, I got down to customizing.

This is a new, cheap, mainline Batmobile. And for some reason (driving completists nuts, I guess) they gave it red stripey tampos like the ‘66 model. Well, that wasn’t going to do.


After stripping those off using the dry-erase marker trick, I added in a few key details.

For those of you keeping score, I silvered in the mechanicals on the sides, the gas caps on the rear wheel wells, and the four exhausts on the back. I then used a red paint pen to tip the tail lights, and then gave it the signature headlights in Batman Yellow.


I’ve seen the jet engine nose cone appear silver in some shots of the prop cars, but I decided against it for a few reasons. My feeling is the real one is more of a black chrome than a pure silver, and since this model will be seen mostly in the harsh light of day, I thought it would give too much contrast.

There will (hopefully) be many more Project: Screentime updates to come...

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