Filing the side of a stretched car is incredibly relaxing. I had a nice evening with the Vette last night. I started with the needle files (on JB Weld)

At a certain point the files just take off too much metal. That’s when I switch to my favorite shaping tool. Sand paper on a blister (seriously).

I use a lot of primer to check the body lines.


After the first pass I was less than impressed. Here’s the other side.

Round two.


Looking a bit better. A little primer to check the body lines...

Now this I can deal with. (other side)


This side needs a bit more work. Then strip, final sand, and paint.

The AristoCort (Name courtesy of Philipilihp) was given a bit of attention tonight.


The Escort interior was mocked in, bases cut, a lot of plastic was removed tonight.


I didn’t realize when I started this one that I’d be swapping a 356 for an Escort.


OK, Here’s the score on the AristoCort...

It looks like

356-6, Escort-3.

The Porsche motor will be used elsewhere


Now for the “Trucks Offroad”


My weekend is just starting. Hope your week doesn’t suck.