Behold! I have made a parking garage! The most forgettable, banal, and downright ugly of all human creations!

I goofed more times than I care to admit, but even still it all came out pretty darn nice. Some of the dimensions are off, but it’s a static display rather than a vroom-vroom unit, so whatever.

The ramp was a great example of improvising as I went. First I cut the wrong side by mistake, and had to go with it. Then came a lot of cutting, shaving, and messing about until I got those nice barrier walls figured out.


Leave it to a nice Jewish boy to worry about safety in a foam-board Hot Wheels lot.

I also decided not to glue the two levels together. Will probably leave them loose for ease of loading and movement. The upper safety barrier wraps downward around the supports, so the whole thing locks together.


And yeah, there’s no ticket booth. Part of diecast collecting is the fantasy element. And in this fantasy, parking is FREE you hear me? FREE!

Next up, I spraypaint the whole thing, then start drawing in the parking spaces. (The little foam wedge you see is for tracing them out.

I’m even pondering an LED setup down the line, but I think I can get it “done” without that then add it later if I’m feeling froggy.


Stay tuned for the post-painting sequel down the line.