I still have a few bells and whistles I may add, but I think this thing is close enough to make its debut.

Special thanks to dek34 for suggesting the white out applicator. Way better than what I had in mind. But I wasn’t about to stop there.

Those are some super-cheap LED string lights, like they leave on tables at outdoor weddings. The reason they’re taped in is that I don’t think you can change the batteries on them, so I figured this would make it less traumatic to replace them later on.


Lousy BMW drivers never could park within the lines...

It looks pretty good now, but I’m curious to see how it plays in total darkness. Having everything outside the structure in black will add to the illusion a little.


I’m pretty happy with it. Here’s what I’m considering for later:

  • A sign up front giving the place a name (I was thinking “Park Fermé”)
  • Some sticker letters for the support columns on the first floor
  • Some slightly more sophisticated LEDs so the top has lights on poles. Of course, since it’s easy to light the top externally, it may not be worth the bother.
  • Pondering a “steel” cable safety rail. Not for actual safety but just as a cool detail.


Oh, you may have noticed a few new members of the DLM collection. That’s for my next post.