I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been getting asked a few questions about my 1/64 diorama and scales, so let me impart with you what I’ve learned so far. Now you may or may not now this info, but that doesn’t really matter. This post is to bring everyone on the same page.

1/64 scale, in railroad modeling, is considered S scale. Now, if you look that term up, you’ll also find the term S gauge. Now I learned that these two terms are not interchangeable. S gauge refers to the distance between the railroad track, the S scale refers to everything around it and how much it is smaller than its RL counterpart.

Now, here is where it can get iffy, when you’re referring to slot cars. HO scale for railroad modeling is 1/87. In slot car world, the HO scale is used loosely from 1/87 to 1/64. Why? Because HO scale for slot cars refers to the track you put the cars on, not the car itself. (Sorry hotwheelsfan, I misspoke in our previous conversation).

What does this mean for you and I? Well, if we wanted to created a diorama it would be in our best interest to keep everything in the same/similar scale. As hotwheelsfan/Kimba once mentioned to me, and I totally agree with him, anything organic varies in nature, so nearly any scale/size would do for the organics part. It’s the buildings themselves that are preferably in scale.


Now onto the buildings. S scale isn’t as popular as the O or N scale. You can say it gets the short end on the stick. There is a market for it, it’s just not that big; and it also depends on how much you are willing to pay. This also means you are not likely to find S scale items in stores. For example: there is a railroad modeling specialty store a hour away from me, they seem to carry everything but S scale ( I asked them).

Some companies, like Plasticville, make S scale buildings, but with O scale (1/48 to 1/43) doors, as a compromise, so it can fit both scales. So either scaled buildings with doors for giants, or the correct door in seemingly small buildings.

Some other companies, have photo realistic buildings, that you punch out of a card and assembly. I personally haven’t tried it yet, but it does look promising at that price tag.


And of course, we can’t forget the Tomicaramas. They are quite detailed, but IMHO are expensive, and the writing in Japanese does make it appear out of place with my mostly American car collection.

Now, how do we figure out what something in 1:1 scale would be like in 1:64? Well you could do the math, or use a online calculator. Though double checking with math wouldn’t hurt.

I hope this was informative to you guys! If I made any mistakes, tell me and I’ll correct it. If you have more info, I’d love to hear it.


Keep diecasting on!