A new theme day! One of my sub collections is of Brazilian cars in 1/43 scale, made by deAgostini and available as a subscription service (3 models per month, roughly) or at almost any news stands. I have almost 100 (!!) Brazilian cars, and I’ll start photographing them and sharing one model per week with a bit of backstory.

Both Jobjoris and Tinfoil Hat suggested me to call this new series Samba Sunday. However, the samba is not as widespread in Brazil as the feijoada is. You’ll find samba parades and samba schools (search for escola de samba) mainly on capital or big cities, while it’s quite uncommon in the interior. The feijoada, however, can be found everywhere!

Go to the state of Amapá and you’ll find feijoada. Go to the Pantanal, in Mato Grosso and you’ll find feijoada. Go to the interior of Rio Grande do Sul and you’ll find it too. It’s probably the most widespread dish we have here, and this is why I decided to call my series of Brazilian cars Feijoada Friday!

I have a busy week, finishing my master’s and stuff, but saturday mornings are my photo days. The two week drizzle settled down, and the sun shines brightly for me today. Tomorrow morning I’ll photograph the first couple of models, and I’ll be posting them on a regular basis like what Jobjoris do with French Friday.


I hope I can tell you something new about Brazilian cars each week, and I’m looking forward for your feedback!

Bonus: Feijoada is incredibly easy to do. Feijoada is quite an umbrella term for pressure-cooked beans with meat, sausages and beef jerky (called charque here). But it can be done any way the chef wants! We used to make a lot of vegetarian feijoada at home, replacing the meat with zuchinni, potatoes, carrots and cassava. I’m not a big fan of black beans, I find they a bit tasteless, but feijoada with read beans or carioquinha beans is great! If you want, I can translate a recipe ;)