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PSA: Selling on LaLD

We’ve had a lot of sales posts lately, so the other admins and I thought it might be good to review the LaLD Philosophy on said subject.

The rules are simple and few, and I think pretty easy as well. But if you every have any questions, comments, thoughts, et cetera, just let me or Sn210, or Jeff Simmons, or Frosted, or Mycarneverruns87, or El_Uly know, and we’d be happy to elaborate.


In general, LaLD grew out of a love for small versions of the 1:1 scale models, and that includes sharing it with like-minded peeps through photography, reviews, or exchanges. We were, after all, originally known as “HWEP (which is officially pronounced like Stewie says “whip” in “kool whip”),” or Hot Wheels Exchange Program.

We obviously outgrew that name, covering much more than just Hot Wheels, and much more than just trading, and now we Live, as well as Let, Diecast. But we still hold firm to the principle that we are not a sales site, but a sharing site.

With that in mind, on to the rules:

1. Selling on LaLD is fine, as long as it’s not for profit. Culling the herd to keep your collection fresh is totally fine, but buying with the sole intent of reselling to make a buck is not.


2. All sales posts shall be posted on one’s personal Kinja page, and shared to LaLD. We all have one, and if you have questions about how to post to it or share from it to LaLD, just let us know!

3. One of our central mottos, right after Viva La LaLD, is Down With Scalpers! As such, scalping is strictly forbidden, unless you want Mycarneverruns87 to come after you with his infamous banhammer. All prices for pieces shall be reasonable and not ebay-ish.


We understand that some of us live in a relative diecast desert (I know I do), and buying from a fellow LaLDer for retail + shipping is highly preferable to Evilbay pricing. Helping a fellow LaLDer is a good thing, and your efforts are appreciated.

That being said, we also don’t encourage anyone from buying too much in anticipation of someone else wanting it so you don’t get potentially stuck with too many cars later on.


And that is all! Follow these simple guidelines and LaLD will continue to be the friendliest place on the internet, dedicated to the best hobby in the world. Again, if you have any questions, please post them in the comments!

Viva La LaLD!

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