Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Public Service Announcement - 1:64 storage

For my American friends who use Creative Options Thread Organizers for diecast storage, don’t forget to check out buying them from Canada. - CAD 15.00 each. I buy 3 at a time to get over our CAD 35.00 free shipping plateau. With tax, delivered CAD 51.75.
At today’s approx exchange of USD 0.74 = CAD 1.00, they would work out to USD 11.10 each, although I have no idea about shipping to the US. (Maybe an American member can check.)

Advertisement - USD 16.51 each. If I bought 3, there would be USD 15.93 S&H + USD 12.54 import fees, for a total of USD 78.00, or CAD 104.44 after exchange.

EDIT: weird, but the US link redirects me to Maybe in the US the link will redirect to the US site. If so, simply search for them on

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