Big things with little cars

Purple kind of day

I have been reading the “finds” around several forums and drooling over the liquid purple Porsche 911 GT3 Super Treasure Hunt. This was a must-have for me ever since it was announced. Despite a fair amount of hunting, I don’t see a lot of Supers. I knew I would likely have to pay up in order to get this one, but I decided I would at least wait until this case assortment stops shipping.  

I decided to give the Target a try after work tonight and found pegs flush with new cars. Thinking I would at least see a regular GT3, I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw the Super version sitting right in front on the pegs! Amazing how a little car can make us feel (:

I then came home to find my ‘96 Treasure Hunt in the mail and thought that they look great together!


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