Big things with little cars

Qualifying Tournament Now Starting!

I've bought my son both this set:

The 4 car elimination track. And this one:


If we go until the break of dawn I think we can get it down to a 64 car NCAA tournament.

Some early surprises....

Real Riders are super slow

The treasure hunt Baja Beetle has tires too wide to race (it got stuck)

MBX in general are pretty poor, but the neon yellow Lotus Elise from 2008 is in second place at, units of speed.

The Z4 M GT2 is currently in first at 336 "speed."

We'll be racing most of the current m and l case cars as well as some favorites from my youth. Get your bets in now!


A Few Early Returns:

Mars Curiosity Rover
Subaru Brat (RR)
Porsche 993 —Winner (214)
Dragonfly — Second

Toyota 2000GT — Winner (181)
Ferrari 520M
Toyota Celica — Second

Ferrari F430 Challenge
Lambo Gallardo Police —Second
MBX Porsche 928 — Winner (202)


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