Answer: A two-in-one HWEP, of course! And the box that R32 Rennsport and TFritch sent arrived at my door today!

Let’s take a look:

Red BMW M Roadster. What a classic. I really wish HW would make a clownshoe old school Z3, but I’ll take this as well without ever complaining!

White BMW M3 GT2 to go with the black one I already have? Yes please!


And the same goes for this amazing BMW Z4M GT...

The best version of the Porsche 934RSR Turbo for sure. Love it!


Silver Porsche 997 GT2! I think I have almost all of them now, save for the Speed Machines version which ebays for around $100, the 2010 mainline black version, the yellow Walmart Exclusive one, and the multipack exclusive from 2014. So if anyone has any of these pleeeaaassseee let me know! This is for sure in my top-5 favorite HW castings.

Ferrari 250LM! Hell yeah!!! What a car.

Thanks guys!! Great HWEP!

And below a shot or two of white BMW racers. The CSL fits in quite nicely, I think!