Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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I’ve given up on the pine sol. It worked fine on the first few cars, but I guess it loses something after what I consider very little use.
So, off to walmart for a gallon of Klean Strip Strip-X Stripper. Has anyone here ever used this product?
As soon as I opened it I thought something was wrong. It was kinda crusty around the can opening, like it had dried there, and came out in semi-liquid but mostly clumps. I had to stir it to get it to anything near a consistent viscosity.

I’m considering bringing it back tomorrow, but I thought I’d ask first if anyone has had this kind of experience with this product. Every gel-like stripper I’ve used in the past was thick liquid, and clear. This stuff is kind of rust color, darker in some places, lighter in other, until it’s stirred together. If this is normal, I’ll keep it.

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