I know it’s Sunday here is EST, but I didn’t take any pictures antil today. Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed the 1 series, but felt the wheels were all wrong on the red one. They were 6spoke MBX wheels. I was just going to add some of the 5 spokes and be done with it. Turns out I didn’t have a matching set with correct length axles for this one In my bin. So it ended up getting some hotwheels wheels and a lowering treatment.

The wheels are a little smaller and honestly I think the proportion is better than the larger MBX wheels.


Yup, I’m happy with it. Slight front camber and a black roof. All done. The black is actually some leftover gloss vinyl from a 1:1 project. It worked surprisingly well! Good adherence and formed well to the roof. I may do this more often!

Happy Sunday lald!