Big things with little cars

This was my Friday evening project. I’ve been meaning to do something with this cast because it’s so great, but when I found an extra Supervan I knew the wheels would be a perfect fit on the Celica.


Have I told you guys lately how much I dislike taking wheels out of cars with metal bases? It always takes insane amounts of time and energy and has always left me frustrated and annoyed. But I got them out, and thankfully the axles were the same length on the Celica, so direct fit! Yay!

Here’s what I added:

  • Slightly detailed interior
  • Headlights. Outer set white, inner set yellow. Unfortunately hard to see because of the plastic lenses over the top. But I’ll forgive it because I love cars with headlights as part of the interior piece.
  • Orange side markers.
  • Detailed grill.
  • Painted bumpers silver front and rear. I didn’t like the chrome, so instead I made them a slightly darker and not so shiny silver.
  • Darkened chin spoiler.
  • Rear lights.
  • Custom side-exit exhaust. It was already there as a little bump in the plastic base, but I replaced it with a piece of metal tubing. Should I add a second one for a double tipped exhaust?

I still might paint the base to get rid of all of the chrome, but for now this works.

What do you think?


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