Big things with little cars

Quick Detail Job

You might even say... Mach 1. I got bored while watching the kids and decided to do a quick paint-pen freshen up. The subject?

The Hot Wheels Diamonds are Forever Mustang Mach-1 mainline.


I think it came out pretty nicely. Sorry for the drab photo background, but my usual setup is covered over while we have a houseguest.

I put some simple Sharpie black around the headlights, then silvered them. Blacked the hood vents. Painstakingly silvered the inner lights, mustang logo, and chrome surround. On the back, I outlined the tail lamps, and painted the bumper and exhaust tips. I probably should have used my chrome Testors paint, but I was feeling lazy. The end result is a bit more Johnny Lightning than Hot Wheels.

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