Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Quick PSA: How to Get Here

I’ve been on Instagram a bit lately and I love seeing LaLD authors getting credit and likes for their amazing effort. I have noticed, however, that quite a few put in the bio section the full Kinja-based address ( Since it has been awhile since I’ve posted this, I want to make sure everyone realizes that there are shorter versions of that somewhat unwieldy URL that work just as well. LaLD owns both the more basic address of as well as the shortest address that was available while still making sense:

It’s even in our logo if you look closely:

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All of these addresses re-direct to LaLD. While this probably doesn’t seem terribly significant currently, it might if we choose to leave the kinja platform. It’s also much simpler and quicker to type of course. :)

If you have any questions I’m always available via

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