I stopped by the TRU today to see if they had some Lightning’s in stock finally. They did! But no Amc’s, so I will have to keep waiting. But I did find another Fairlady. And picked up a few other cars. I also cracked a few cars open that i had,with the Fairlady when I got home.

I pulled the FR-S out, and the 180 and cracked them. I also cracked my MBX Land Cruiser. I’m not to enthusiastic about the Tampo, and the plastic color choice. But it’s an ok casting since its a land Cruiser. I still prefer the older Casting’s with more detail.

It’s still pretty cool for matte nacho cheese orange. But the Fairlady is the coolest. I got one over the Internet when the case was released. I never thought I would find one in the stores around here. But I found one hidden with the Monster Jam stuff. That’s why it pays off to search through stuff that you really don’t like, just in case. It can’t hurt!


The picture is as clear as a 2x4. I just haven’t really had much time to take photos, or spend that much time on here for that matter. I just wanted to remind everyone to always check over everything carefully. You might find something you want.

This is just my catch for the day. Nothing special, but I actually got a few I wanted.


Thanks for the read!