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Then I’m outta here.
I finally got to spend some time with my sister and her family. She had picked up the 2016 Johnny Lightning Super Beetle for me, and it’s finally here. Now that I have it in hand, I can see I was wrong to turn my nose up at it, saying, as I recall, that it was the same casting that I already have in so many colors.

Turns out I had judged too quickly. Initially it appears that they made the top fit just a bit better than I remember. I’ll have to find one of the *older* versions to compare and be sure, but I’m happy to have it.


One of the places I look for cast off diecasts is at the local recycling center. I had to bring over my Fax/Phone, as I no longer have a land line, and who faxes anymore?
Since I was there, I felt obligated to go look in the toy bins and see what they had. I have found many a donor vehicle here, good for certain parts and pieces, but well past their useful life as a toy. Didn’t find what I was specifically looking for, but I certainly lucked out a little today:

On the left is one of the best pieces I’ve ever picked up there. It’s an old Majorette Ferrari, 1/55th scale, with rubber tires and a broken rear suspension. Still, it looks good just sitting there. Unless it’s ever restored, it’s not play-withable because of the broken rear. The color is a metallic red, not the real Ferrari red, but, hey, it’s a freebie. It may wind up on my trades page.
In the middle is a Maisto Dune Buggy/Sandrail that I’ve never seen before. Now that I have one, I want to find more. So, if you have any kicking around that you’re not too attached to, consider a trade with me.
Last, a HWs Big Rig from some Action News channel in the west, based on the call letters. Totally up for trade or I’ll just give it to my neighbor’s grandson.

That’s all for now. I’m off to a late start today. I didn’t set my alarm and I didn’t set up the coffee pot last night. I gotta run to TRU and return the Pink ones, and look for something else for a specific trade. Hopefully, if my recent luck holds up, I’ll have another update for later.



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