Hey guys, I’ve been doing a LOT of traveling and working on other projects so all diecast except random hawls have been on hold.

I’ve been loving reading all of these posts for Secret Santa’s and holiday aquisitons! Keep it up! If my SS recipient received their box, let me know so I know it made it!

Here’s my Hawl from my Ohio bretheren from secret santa. No note in thebox so lmk who sent these!

The gulia is beautiful and a great compliment to the HW car culture released recently. This one has no fender flares like the HW, great cast! The 1st edition mustanger in green was one I had on my list that never made it into my collection. I’ve had my eyes out for it since it came out and my santa delivered. All of these were straight from my list so very much appreciated! Thanks!


Next, I finally went ahead and got one of these off the bay, giving up on finding one. I made an offer on one and got it for a VERY reasonable price, under what most auctions go for so I’m very happy with it. Probably will DLM tomorrow.

Finally, here’s a preview of some loose cars I picked up while traveling or as gifts over the holiday. Was also given this 9pack holder as a gift! Super useful!


Thanks all, hope to get some decent pics soon!