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Race Damaged

This is my first post, so I’ll start with a self introduction. I’m a recent college grad now living in New York, where good diecast finds are few and far between. I usually build plastic models, but I’ve lately been getting back into the wonderful world of diecasts.

This is one of my recent customs. It started life as a standard issue 2011 Jeff Gordon NASCAR Chevy Impala in 1/24, and I converted it to the car with which Gordon finished the 2011 Daytona 500. Gordon was one of the favorites to win, but got caught up in a wreck and limped home with a badly damaged car.


My work started by getting the car to Daytona 500 specification. This involved repainting the spoiler and splitter, and adding a couple decals. I then painted the right rear fender grey to mimic the replacement piece that was taped in place after the wreck. The tape was done by slicing up electrical tape, applying to the body, and then glueing the edges down with CA. I weathered the car by streaking the body with some diluted washes on a sponge and a few light wash coats through my airbrush.

I look forward to contributing more to one of the internet’s hidden gems.

Like the real car, the hood is taped down and cannot open anymore.
The washes I used were heavily diluted Vallejo acrylic paints.
I used Tamiya Fine Surface Primer for the replacement fender color.
After all the tape, damage, and weathering was done, I applied a light coat of semi-gloss clear over the whole car.

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